General Criminal Law

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    Criminal Lawyers

    General Criminal Law

    Our accumulated experience and clear vocation as criminal lawyers have led our firm to provide services with a high level of specialisation in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law, endeavouring to provide our clients with a service that is characterised by the highest degree of professional excellence.

    Our firm has extensive experience in handling matters related to Financial Criminal Law and crimes committed within business organisations. We have also been involved in many cases directly related to physical and property crimes against individuals, such as sexual offences, physical violence, crimes against property and false imprisonment. One particularly delicate issue that warrants special attention right now is Gender Violence. Considering the implications of this type of crime, we go above and beyond to provide our full attention and support to our clients, whether they be victims of domestic violence or an abuse of law, which is unfortunately all too common in this delicate area, as a result of false accusations. We refer here to the improper use of the law to make false accusations in order to quickly obtain certain rights in the Spanish Courts for Violence against Women.

    With our more than 35 years of experience in this area, we deal with the following crimes:


    Robbery, unlawful appropriation, fraud, damages, theft, handling stolen goods, embezzlement, malicious falsehoods.


    Corporate crimes, money laundering, intellectual property, crimes against the market and consumers, revealing of company secrets, unlawful administration, insolvency offences, tax crimes.


    Identification of risk maps, implementation of protocols, whistleblower channels, disciplinary systems.


    Murder and manslaughter, assault, sexual abuse and harassment, bodily harm, threats and coercion, domestic and gender violence, defamation, “mobbing” (workplace harassment), medical negligence.


    Defamation or slander via the internet, threats, online harassment, sexually explicit messages, identity theft, phishing, cyberbullying, child grooming.


    The trade of toxic, narcotic or psychotropic drugs, including: possession, production, growing, distribution and sale, sending, shipping, possession of drug precursors.


    Bribery, perverting the course of justice, impeding public authorities, assault on public authorities, disobeying the authorities, concealment, perjury, violating parole, false allegations.


    Resources, petitions, levels of imprisonment and any other measures within the scope of the prison system.

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